• Mr Barbeque grilling
    Fired Up

    Professor Easson, AKA Mr. Barbeque, is a staple of the Engineering tailgating tent on gamedays. Come join us in front of Brevard!

  • Life-changing Experience
    Life-changing Experience

    Engineering students Chinelo Ibekwe and Haley Sims greet the students who will use the school they built in Togo, West Africa. Learn more

  • Girl riding bicycle down path

    Mechanical engineering student Leah Kathryn Finklang travels one of Oxford's many bike friendly pathways on her way to class.

  • staircase in Brevard Hall

    A new school year has begun! Welcome home!

  • Students watch a 3D printer print an R2D2 figurine
    Beyond Paper

    Computer Science students gather around a 3D printer while it prints an R2D2 figure. These printers use plastic to form three-dimensional shapes.

  • Professor using tiny electric cars with campers
    Solar Powered

    Campers in the Ole Miss Engineering summer camp test solar-powered cars in front of Brevard Hall.


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