• O
    Chemical Reaction

    Professor John O'Haver and students B.J. Wesley and Casey Wilson put their heads together in the lab.

  • Student looking intently as a professor speaks to her
    Capstone Project

    Senior mechanical engineering major Shelby Williams receives feedback on her work from associate professor Jack McClurg on the <a href='cme.ms' target='_blank'>Center for Manufacturing Excellence</a> factory floor.

  • Two students putting together a wooden chair
    Feeling Chair-riffic

    Recent Mechanical Engineering graduates Henry Chiang (right) and Jarrett Davis work on their senior project for the CME: building wooden chairs.

  • Civil Engineering students get hands-on work experience
    Dirty Work

    Civil Engineering students get hands-on work experience.

  • student hitting a metal panel with a rod while a graduate student watches
    Good Vibes

    Mechanical Engineering senior Jordan Klocke and graduate teaching assistant Damian Stoddard perform a vibration modal analysis experiment in the undergraduate Structures and Dynamics lab.

  • Man smiling in front of empty courtroom


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