• Building a ramp
    Ramping Up

    Engineering students volunteer to build handicap ramp in Abbeville through the L.I.F.E. program.

  • Students studying satellite data
    Civil Engineering Computer Lab

    Civil engineering students studying satellite data

  • Student calibrating a machine
    Space Testing

    Civil engineering undergraduate student Joe White calibrates DMA to test graphene sheets for potential application in International Space Station.

  • Ole Miss Team and locals in Togolese traditional dress
    Team Ole Miss

    Ole Miss team in Togolese traditional dress with local community.

  • Senior Evie Holman competes to be the School of Engineering Outstanding Senior
    Outstanding Seniors

    Top students from the School of Engineering demonstrate what it means to be outstanding.

  • Professors looking at device
    Breaking the Stutter

    University of Mississippi professors Greg Snyder (left), Paul Goggans and Dwight Waddell conduct tests on a prototype of the prosthetic device they created to help people who stutter speak more fluently.


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