• Students and professor looking at yellow packs

    Students Liya Abera and Zack Temple and Dr. Cris Surbeck count coliform bacteria concentrations in water from a local lake.

  • Professor and student looking at polymers simulation
    Tough Sim

    Junior Civil Engineering student Grace McMahen and Dr. Hunain Alkhateb conduct a molecular dynamics simulation on polymers.

  • Student weaving tough material on table
    Water Treatment

    Students in the Environmental Engineering course learn about wastewater treatment in a class tour.

  • Student weaving tough material on table
    Tough Work

    Senior civil engineering student Rachel Tutor weaving quasi-three-dimensional S-Glass fibers for high velocity impact composites.

  • Professor and student performing demonstration of vibrations
    Leading Research

    Associate professor of civil engineering Elizabeth Ervin, whose studies include the effect vibrations have on infrastructures, performs a demonstration with graduate student Farhad Sedaghati.

  • Civil Engineering students paddle a canoe made of concrete
    Everything is Awesome!

    UM civil engineering students Briana Myles (front) and Cari Hansen take part in the American Society of Civil Engineers concrete canoe competition on Sardis Lake.

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