• Modal Analysis
    Modal Analysis

    Mechanical Engineering senior Jordan Klocke performing a vibration modal analysis experiment in the undergraduate Structures and Dynamics lab with graduate teaching assistant Damian Stoddard.

  • Low Velocity Impact Testing: Dynatup
    Low Velocity Impact Testing: Dynatup

    Graduate students Damian Stoddard and Kiyun Kim perform low velocity impact test on cementitious materials.

  • Shock Tube
    Shock Tube

    Dr. Tezeswi Tadepalli checks a two-stage shock tube before testing the blast resistance and energy absorption capacity of a composite panel developed for the US Navy.

  • Mechanical engineers standing under glass dome
    Rising Up

    Mechanical engineers stand under the glass dome in front of the Center for Manufacturing Excellence. Learn more about the CME.

  • Students and professor looking at equipment
    Mechanical Curiosity

    Dr. Ellen Lackey and students inspect and appreciate a piece of machinery in a lab.

  • Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar
    Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar

    Doctoral student Brahma Pramanik performs high-strain rate indirect tensile testing of a nano-composite material using a Laser Occluding Expansion Gage developed for his dissertation.

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